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Saltwater + Electricity

Hypochlorous acid is a chemical compound that is produced when you apply a low-voltage charge to saltwater. This is the same compound that is naturally produced by our white blood cells when our bodies encounter infections, viruses, or even cuts and burns. It's science at it's best.


Produced with pure water, salt & electricity


Non-toxic and leaves no chemical residue


Neutral pH, no VOC's, fragrances, alcohol, petrochemicals or sulfates

Clean Energy

Cleanses to support plant health


In 1834, French chemist Antoine Jérôme Balard discovered HOCl as the infection fighting compound found naturally in the white blood cells of the human body. Balard’s work would most notably used thereafter by armies in World War I and World War II for wound cleaning and to neutralize chemical burns. Today, it is most commonly used on humans, animals and the natural environment to clean and disinfect.

HOCl works to break down the cells that are creating an infection by destroying the cell membrane and its DNA, thus halting its replication or growth process. The human body produces HOCl to reverse markers of epidermal aging, protect against environmental aggressors and cleanse the skin. When utilized as an application outside the human body, PH-neutral HOCl solution works in much the same way. This is the reaction that cleans plants, which puts them in a position to defend themselves.

HOCl has been experimented with in the agriculture industry for years. With strong results in every known test, it begs the question, “Why now?”. The answer is actually quite simple…HOCl is difficult to stabilize and the market for manufacturers hasn’t been the agriculture industry. Plant Aid has fortunately solved both of those issues. Our chemists have figured out a way to stabilize the product for up to 18 months and we don’t care about other markets. We care about agriculture! We work with farmers, food producers, and horticulturists to reduce risks, improve plant welfare, increase margins, and clean everything the way it should be cleaned. We believe that when everything is really clean great things happen!


Unlike toxic chemicals that pollute the environment and are designed to kill, our products are designed to clean. Thus, we are focused on keeping your plants, the environment which they are grown in and the tools that you use to grow them with in the cleanest condition possible to help produce the best results. You can spray our products directly onto intended targets or apply via your hydroponic systems.


Our Plant Cultivator & Cleanser is intended to be applied to seeds, clones and plants to keep them clean. Clean plants should be stronger, healthier and have a stronger photosynthesis. This solution can also be used to clean root zones, which leads to more effective nutrient intake. It is also important to note that our Plant Cultivator & Cleanser increases the oxidation reduction potential (ORP) of water. This product can be used from seeding to harvest and leaves zero toxic residue once it dries.


Our Horticleaner is designed to clean residue and dissolve buildup without posing a toxic threat to you, your plants or animals. It can clean high contact surfaces, irrigation tanks, tools and equipment. Furthermore, this solution can be flushed through irrigation lines and emitters to dissolve mineral buildup. This solution is non-toxic, leaves zero mess or residue and is intended to increase the amount of time between cleaning. This product is designed to be used as often as necessary and leaves zero chemical residue once it dries.

"Hypochlorous acid wreaks havoc on the bacterium by chemically interacting with proteins, causing them to lose their complex, origami-like structures."

-Adam Hadhazy of LiveScience


Natural Ingredients

All of our products are 100% natural and eco-friendly, which means they are safe to use, even around kids and pets.


Our products are non-toxic and non-irritating. They leave behind zero mess or odor.


We have the power to create a cleaner environment now and for future generations to come.