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Keeping Your Plants Healthy & Happy with Plant Aid

Did you know that plants are just like humans? The healthier we are, the less susceptible we are to illness or disease. It is the same with our plants! A healthier plant is less susceptible to disease and goes through the photosynthesis process more effectively than a dirty plant. So, how do we keep our plants – whether at home, in our garden, or at an industrial grow – healthy? By keeping them clean with Plant Aid’s Cultivator and Cleanser!


Plant Aid’s Cultivator and Cleanser contains just two ingredients: Electrolyzed Oxygenated Water and Hypochlorous Acid. Combined, these ingredients are designed to clean your plants for optimal health. The brilliant part about this product is that unlike other similar products, Plant Aid’s Cultivator and Cleanser won’t burn plant tissue, nor will it leave any toxic chemical residue which can alter taste.


Tomato plants in your garden, fiddle leaf fig in your house, or even a large cannabis grow… Your plants need to be healthy from the time they are seeds all the way to their harvest! Plant Aid’s Cultivator and Cleanser helps plants stay healthy by supporting clean and healthy root zones; cleaning seeds, clones, clone blocks, plants and flowers; and by increasing Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP). It can be used throughout a plant’s entire lifespan, which speaks to the product’s true versatility.


Work together with us toward a cleaner, and greener future whether you’re just a plant enthusiast or a large-scale farmer. These product comes in various sizes – perfect for your yard or for industrial use. Now is the perfect time to give this clean product a try. Interested? Shop here.