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Plant Aid Announces Global Expansion & New Partnership for 2020

Plant Aid launched in 2019 with the goal of creating a cleaner agriculture industry by using solutions that leave behind zero toxic residue. During its first year in business, the company did just that, executing 20 pilot programs in collaboration with commercial farmers and universities worldwide. Through these programs, Plant Aid’s solutions were successfully applied to 7 different crop types (in various manners) throughout the United States, Canada, Spain, and South Africa. In 2020, the company plans to more than double its 2019 efforts and has already started taking steps in that direction. Their global expansion continues in 2020 by supporting the cultivation of 3 million industrial hemp seeds, in addition to launching the first private, vertically integrated cannabis company in Thailand.

Plant Aid Announces Global Expansion and New Partnership for 2020


Focused on keeping plants, the environment, and growing tools in the cleanest condition possible, Plant Aid helps to produce optimal results in the field and/or greenhouse while leaving zero toxic residues. Their all-natural formula utilizes hypochlorous acid, a chemical compound that is produced when you apply a low-voltage charge to saltwater. This is the same compound that is naturally produced by human white blood cells when the body encounter infections, viruses, cuts, and burns. It’s science at its best.


The lofty goal of producing 3 million seeds to support industrial hemp farmers will be supported through their new partnership with Sonoran Canyon Seed Co., co-founded by Horticulturalist, Bill Artwohl. This partnership consists of lifelong growers and horticulturalists who specialize in producing a variety of industrial hemp seeds created to thrive even in the roughest of climates. Unlike most of the hemp seeds on the market, Sonoran Canyon Seed Co.’s seeds are cultivated outdoors in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. The focus is on durability, performance and overall plant expression. The use of Plant Aid in this arid climate is instrumental as it provides humidity boost while acting as a cleaning agent in the propagation stage. The results are seeds that thrive.


Sonoran Canyon Seed Company Powered By Plant Aid Plant Aid Hemp Seeds

Proud of what they have accomplished in 2019 and their partnership with Sonoran Canyon Seed Co., Plan Aid is incredibly excited for their new endeavor to cultivate in

Sonoran Canyon Seed Company


Thailand. They were selected by an international agricultural firm to provide seeds and solutions as well as consultation on the project. Plant Aid will also have an ownership stake in the project which spans over 40 hectares. As stated by co-founder, Jake Piccoli, “2019 was a year that involved tremendous preparation. Now, we are very much geared to make our impact on the global agriculture industry. The Plant Aid engine is just getting going.”

Plant Aid Thailand Project Medhel Asia Pacific powered by Plant Aid

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