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Plant Aid Industry Innovator Spotlight with Horticulturist Bill Artwohl of West Coast Greenthumbs

We recently sat down with plant expert and horticulturist Bill Artwohl of West Coast Greenthumbs to help us kick off our new blog series spotlighting movers, shakers and innovators in the plant industry. We want to encourage you to keep up with this essential series by following us on Facebook and Instagram where we’ll be highlighting these inspiring businesses who are not only making a positive impact in their respective fields but also for our planet as a whole.


Why Plant Aid Is A Great Cleaning Option for Cannabis Growers, with Horticulturist Bill Artwohl of West Coast Greenthumbs


Bill Artwohl grew up in a cannabis household and has been attached to plants by passion and trade since a very young age. He is currently a horticulturist with West Coast Greenthumbs.

West Coast Greenthumbs is a Horticulture Lifestyle brand. In addition, they are in the process of building up a flagship farm in the Sonoran desert focusing on regional genetic development, as well as flower & oil production. Meaning, they are cultivators first. They are a brand/farm that intends to preserve the pedigree and the legacy that is West Coast Horticulture. West Coast Greenthumbs is a representation of all the hard work and risk put in by many like-minded men and women over the years. They understand the future is moving in other directions and they embrace and encourage that. However, they intend to preserve and hold tight to the guidelines and morals that got the industry where it is today as a community. Bill notes, they are not for everyone and are not mass produced. They hold to a different, select, cloth than most in the cannabis “industry”. And, appeal largely to the 1%’ers.

Because West Coast Greenthumbs is looking for the best in all areas they recently made the switch to Plant Aid. Plant Aid has zero oxidation on plant tissue, even under high-frequency applications, which puts it a step above the rest. In the prop house, it is superior to its competitors due to its effective sanitation properties and lack of tissue oxidation.

“I have had tremendous success with [Plant Aid] in regards to cleaning out irrigation systems that have seen organic supplementation. Increased time in between cleanings with no adverse effects on system components (eating away at system components like seals, pumps, solenoid valve, emitters etc).”



The proof, however, is in the pudding, or should we say in the “Paradise Snacks”, aka the name of this impressive flower above which is of the Tropicana Cookies, Strawberry Banana Sherbert variety. Bill tells us this plant withstood 117 degree days in Arizona last year and continues to thrive.


Learn more about how Plant Aid helped this marijuana and hemp grower keep his fertigation tanks, irrigation lines and emitters clean of residue naturally. We have a really awesome Plant Aid Case Study on our site here.


Are you a cannabis grower looking for an alternative cleaning solution that is a head above the rest? Be sure to follow the links below for more information.

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